Data Processing

Most businesses need quick and accurate data; we are specialized to handle data entry jobs that are just too big or too timely for their in-house data entry services. i-Creative Infotech combines together traditional data capture, data processing and data entry services in India, flexible staffing levels, and advanced state-of-the-art internet technologies that will bring to you an outsourced data entry solution that will get the job done faster, with less hassles, and easily within budget. We offer high quality, cost-effective affordable data entry and data processing services ideally suited to high volume data entry applications such as data bases and mailing list compilation, data entry from images, data extraction and data entry from web, etc. It will be like having your low cost data entry India division. Data collection, data extraction, data standardization, data management, data validation, data mapping, and data exporting are the operations that are required in the most common Data Solutions for our valuable clients.

BPO Services

* Data Collection * Data Extraction * Data Standardization * Data Management * Data Validation * Data Mapping * Data Authentication * Data Transformation * Data Filtering * Data Aggregation i-Creative Infotech 's data entry services have expertise and technology to work on any time critical data processing solutions to global clients both online & offline through. Our specially skilled & experienced data entry operators with exceptional typing skills and program knowledge makes this task possible of undertaking and completing data entry projects of any volume within a specified time. Our motto is - "not to achieve deadline but to beat it". We understand that your data is an asset to your business opportunities to you. We work with you to convert existing data in various file and to the different formats that you need to run your business intelligently. Whether you require one individual for a brief period of time or a team to manage a large engagement from inception through implementation, we can assemble a mix of experience, expertise, and personalities to efficiently staff your engagement. Whatever your requirements, we will deploy individuals who are committed to becoming an integral part of your team for the duration of the project. Our commitment to excellence in BPO ensures that the staff you receive arrives equipped to fit in and immediately hit the ground running. This assures client and technical professional satisfaction throughout every phase of your engagement. To further ensure your satisfaction, i-Creative Infotech has developed strong areas of expertise that have propelled our clients in a variety of industries to the cutting edge of technology. In addition to deep understanding of complex information technology issues, we have access to experience in virtually all technology disciplines..

BPO Benefits

Outsourcing the management of your project can result in increased efficiencies and a substantial return on investment for your organization. We can provide your business with the power it needs to drive your IT and communications engagement faster and more efficiently to a successful outcome. The following highlights many of the benefits that your company can derive from the use of i-Creative Infotech 's business process outsourcing: * Increased productivity * Access to industry experts * Heightened accountability * Increased cost savings * Reduced operational expenditures * Improved human resources * Opportunities to focus on core business Partnering with external resource providers for the specialized skills and versatility they offer can streamline the management of your company’s workforce and save you time and money in the process. Let us help you optimize your workforce and budget by providing you with exceptional people, best business processes, and web-based technologies.