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School Management System

School Management System provides a suite of software covering all parts of a schools' administration.from behaviour and achievement,and lesson structures, planning curriculum, educational learning plans,data sharing,managing registration and admissions, and providing teachers, parents and pupils access to all this information over the internet or local network

School Management System has moved away from being viewed as a school administration tool and developed into an integrated Management Information System (MIS) for managing school business processes and whole school improvement. It supports schools in responding to The Children's Plan by enabling them to view a more rounded picture of a child.


1) It supports personal development, promote achievements.

2)Maintains real-time information to support schools in conducting regular and comprehensive self-evaluations.

3)Enables teachers to access information, analyse and input students data through the use of integrated desktops

4)Helps schools manage student registration and truancy, student performance, personalized learning, exam organisation, timetable construction, cover management and a range of other school activities.

ERP for Plastic Manufacturing

A business solution that helps you to face the challenges in Plastic Industries

Plastics manufacturing companies require scalability and flexibility in their ERP system that would adapt to different business dynamics, which can be accurately and successfully mapped through eresource ERP. Eresource ERP for Plastic is specifically designed for Plastic Manufacturing industry. With decades of industry experience behind its powerful plastics ERP software solution, eresource understand the unique challenges plastics manufacturers face routinely. From fluctuating raw material, availability of RAW material for production purpose, proper management of Plastic waste and to make available skilled and trained labours.

Given the growth in the Plastic Industry, there are equal number of challenges and besides the competition if extremely high compare to other industry. To help tackle these challenges, we have used our long-standing experience with midsized companies in the plastics industry to develop a eresource industry solution for national and international use that maps all your business processes.

ERP solution for Plastic Industry addressed the production process including Injection molding , extruders, film and bag processors, blow molders, thermoforming, and compounder. The key element is in defining products according to plastic specific relevant processes that are truly structured efficiently to determine Extrusion specific Bill of material and all the production parameters and cost elements